The IDE were very pleased to be supporting yet another school visit carried out by Davinder Reehal, MIDE and his team at John F Hunt Ltd.

As part of the Go Construct K’Nex Challenge the children at Northgate Primary School in Hertfordshire had to build a Bulldozer in 60 minutes! Quite a mean feat!

After the event Davinder said that “it was a great morning and the kids really enjoyed it. I spoke to them on how the blade moved and this was a 1st class lever, and also how the hinge worked” in addition “I spoke to them about Demolition and as ever, the IDE were fantastic in sending out goodies for the kids and the staff. All the kids really enjoyed themselves in the building of the models. One group found a rubber band in the box and got the model to move”.

“If I do it again, I will have to take ear defenders due to the noise level during the project” he joked. Unsurprisingly Davinder has been asked to return to carry out a presentation on Demolition for their Careers Day later in the year.


We look forward to hearing all about that in due course.

John F Hunt Ltd kindly donated to the school a Lego crane to build which was gratefully received.

Thanks goes to Davinder Reehal, Paul Bland, John F Hunt Ltd and Stem Point for their support with this event.

Copy and Photographs: Courtesy of Davinder Reehal