Full Membership

Full Members may display MIDE after their names and use the IDE logo on personal business cards and stationery. However the Institute does not permit companies or corporate bodies to use the logo or to claim accreditation to the Institute.

You will need to:

  • Have at least five years demolition experience
  • Pass an MSc in Demolition Management
  • Complete between two and three years as an Associate Member.
  • Continue to meet the requirements of Associate Membership.
  • Complete a CITB MAP touch screen test within the last two years, hold a CCDO Black Managers Card or CCDO Gold Supervisors Card and completed the appropriate NVQ.
  • Submit an acceptable portfolio of work for the past two years, with completed PQP Card application form.
  • Undertake a Professional Interview including presentation

Subscription is £225 annually. Members who have up to date subscriptions have full voting rights and may stand for election to the Council of Management.

Download the form to apply to progress from Associate to Full Member.