Associate Membership

After passing examinations, you will spend two years or more as an Associate. A diary kept during this time will detail projects, training, CPD, professional testimonials and an updated CV, before potential progress to full membership.

Accepted criteria for membership, for enrolled members:

  • MSc in Demolition Management
  • A CITB MAP touchscreen test within the last two years, hold a CCDO Black Managers Card or CCDO Gold Supervisors Card and complete the appropriate NVQ
  • A submitted portfolio of work for the past two years, completed PQP Card application form
  • Undertake a professional interview including presentation
  • Up-to-date core and non-core CPD

For TechIDE members, criteria is as above with the addition of passing the IDE entrance exam.

Subscription is £250 annually. Associate members may display AMIDE after their name and are eligible for the CSCS PQP card.