About us


The history and purpose of the institute

Demolition has been a key construction practice since the Walls of Jericho came tumbling down around 1500 BC. You can see the story in our logo. Today, The IDE stands strong in representing a rapidly-modernising industry.


Our goals

Like many industries, demolition has a future challenge to meet the demands of a changing world replete with technological innovation and a workplace revolution. We want The IDE to be the first port of call for young talent looking to tap into our members many decades of experience and expertise, as well as offering a route to entry into this fascinating industry.


Vision of the future

The IDE wants to help its members play their part in a sustainable life cycle for the UK’s buildings and structures, with recycling and re-use at the core of what we do. We want demolition to be at the vanguard of technological innovation and professionalism, attracting new talent leading the march towards greater standards for safety and quality.

How we want to help

While we cannot recommend or guide on demolition methods, or accept responsibility or liability for individual member viewpoints, we recognise our ability to act as a hub of innovation and knowledge sharing. With a mandatory CPD programme for members, we actively promote education among existing and new demolition professionals, alongside hosting seminars and knowledge libraries to enable new techniques to be shared and discussed.

Our structure

The Institute is managed by a Council of Management, the membership of which collectively and individually seeks to combine talent and experience in the field of demolition engineering and make this generally available. We are administered by a National Secretary and a team of staff, lead by a President, Vice President and Treasurer, all reporting to a Board of Trustees. Our council is elected, with each member sitting a two-year term before re-election. The Institute is a Professional Affiliate of the Engineering Council.

Member roles

We are an Institute which works best in collaboration with our members rather than by decree. As such our members are encouraged to participate in events, share knowledge and networking opportunities, for the benefit of all. Members are of course obliged to adhere to our Rules and Code of Conduct.

The Rules of the IDE are available here:

Rules of the IDE