In an effort to tempt young people into a career in Demolition and Construction, Davinder Singh Reehal MIDE, Technical Director for John F Hunt Limited made a presentation at morning assembly to the children at The Lyceum Primary School in the City of London. 

Davinder told them all about demolition, what it is, the types of techniques that are used and the dangers of building sites. He explained why they must be so careful and aware of all the hazards they may come across, such as electricity, scaffold, trip hazards, tools and falling items. The children were shown a picture of a typical building site and Davinder asked them if they could tell him some of the dangerous things they could see and highlighted them all on another picture. 

Davinder showed the spell bound 3 to 11 year olds, what machinery they might see on a building site and explained all about the different functions each machine undertook.  To their delight, he showed them video footage of one of the controlled explosive blow-downs that had been undertaken by John F Hunt in Scotland, complete with volume to make it come alive!  Davinder pointed out exactly what protective clothing must be worn on site and explained why each item was very important for the safety of those who work on site.

Finally, he told them all about becoming an engineer and that there are so many more girls studying engineering and taking up careers in construction than ever before. He highlighted his own personal journey into demolition and told them how different and interesting every day was.  When he came to the end of his presentation, he asked for hands up of all those who thought they might go into construction, for which he was met with a sea of hands!

Here’s to our next generation of engineers!

Author: Davinder Singh Reehal/ Marketing Department, John F Hunt Ltd.

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