Dear Members,

In my speech at last year’s AGM, I mentioned the importance of collaborating and working together to improve standards throughout our industry. I also encouraged us all to be open and honest about reporting incidents and sharing best practice. I plan to lead by example during my tenure as your president.

AR Demolition is a company which places great emphasis on safe working environments – for our staff, subcontractors, client personnel and the general public, both in and around our project sites. Demolition by its nature can be a highly dangerous and risk-filled sector and our endeavour is to minimise or eliminate the many risks at every stage of our complex processes.

However, despite our rigorous approach incidents do happen and we recently experienced one such incident at a project site in Nottingham. Click on the following link to read all about it HSE alert No… underground voids v1.

Fortunately no one was hurt but we are working with our client to undergo a full investigation. In the meantime, I wanted to share our initial views on the incident – and lessons to learn.

It’s precisely because we have such a focus on safety that I want to share this with you. We should all be honest in our reporting and diligent in our approach to standards. That way, we can collectively improve safety across the sector and raise the profile of the industry as a whole..

Please feel free to contact me or discuss among the members.

With best wishes,

Richard Dolman FIDE, IDE President