On the 9th and 10th of October the Institute of Demolition Engineers was represented at the 11th International Conference on Construction in the 21st Century (CITC). The event was attended by Richard Dolman FIDE Vice President and held at RICS Headquarters 12 Great George St, Westminster, London SW1P 3AD.

The conference was organised and sponsored by East Carolina University, USA, University of Wolverhampton, UK, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), UK, City University of Science and Information Technology Peshawar,(Pakistan), Auburn University, USA, Babcock University, Nigeria, Quantity Surveyors International (QSI), and Construction Management Association of America (CMMA).

This year’s conference welcomed people from the industry to participate in the seminar proceedings which included a selection of keynote speakers, presentations of academic papers and industry case studies. Demolition presentations included:

Construction and Demolition Waste Management on Construction Sites in Kazakhstan: Abid Nadeem, Altynay Khamatova, Md Aslam Hossain, and Hua Yan Leung

Life cycle costing for decision making in construction and demolition waste management: a review: I M Chethana, S Illankoon, and Vivian WY

Deconstruction of the Broadmarsh Carpark and Bus Station Nottingham City Centre UK. (Industrial Case Study). Richard Dolman FIDE

Demolition of Britain’s Last Deep Coal Mine – Kelling Colliery (Industrial Case Study) Carleen Murry

Deconstruction and Demolition Supporting Regeneration Through High Speed Rail Connectivity: Christina Wallace

Other interesting sessions included:

Tackling the War for Talent: The need for improving diversity and inclusion in Real Estate and Construction: Amanda Clack

Implementing Quality Control Management on the London Bridge Station Project: Sandra Nicolls and Allan Wong

The organisers deemed the event a great success and felt the presence of industry added greatly to the event and are hoping that this development will continue to be adopted at future conferences.

Author: Patricia Sloneczny, CSR Director, A R Demolition Ltd

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