The first (hopefully annual) IDE Scottish Seminar in Edinburgh took place on Friday 8th July at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Matt Birch

As someone new to the industry and no prior experience of any of these events, I had a great time.  All the exhibitors and speakers were all very friendly, passionate about their area and are more than happy to talk to you and explain what it is that they do.

The speakers had huge differences in their topics varying from astrophysics and asbestos (history and diseases), to non-explosive demolition and future technologies in the industry. Each and every presentation was delivered with passion, knowledge and charisma; presenters varying from Dames to Students to the President of the IDE.

It was very interesting to see the different exhibitors and get an understanding of what it is that they do within their area of work. All the people were very friendly and are more than willing to tell you anything you want to know about their area of industry as well as company details and what they believe to be the best parts of their area; what attachment to use on a high reach or what type of high reach to use, for example.

Overall, as a first experience, I left with a better understanding of certain areas of the demolition industry and having knowledge that I didn’t have nor would have thought of prior to the event. I had a blast and hope that the idea of making this event an annual happening comes into fruition.

Author: Matt Birch, Trainee Demolition Engineer, C & D Consultancy

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