Erith-ExchangingPlaces-20150720-WEB-1617The Erith Groups main priority in any activity is Health and Safety and this extends to the Health and Safety of the general public and commuting cyclists.

Grabbing the handle bars of safety, Erith continued our commitment to their flagship programme “Enabling Safer Cycling”, in the form of an exchanging places CLOCS cycling event.  Partnering both the City of London Police and TFL, the purpose of the event was to highlight the constraints of operating both lorries and cyclists on the congested roads of London.

The CLOCS event, held on the 20th July at St Paul’s Courtyard, accommodated both lorry drivers and cyclists alike to come together in an effort to better understand one another.  In doing so cyclists were offered the chance to sit in the driver’s seat of one of Erith’s newest Euro 6 compliant vehicles and gain a greater understanding of the vehicles pioneering safety modifications.

Cyclists who had been reported cycling recklessly were extended the invitation in an attempt to permeate an ethos of safer cycling.  Erith’s efforts made the day a great success and really gave an insight into the challenges faced, helping address potential challenges both cyclist’s and lorries encounter.

Everyone is responsible for their own health and safety but with everyone on board the roads can become a much safer place.

Guy Mallard, Transport Manager commented “It is proven that not all cyclists realise the dangers that they can put themselves in when not adopting a clear road safety attitude.  London is notorious for its non-stop hustle and bustle, but safety should never be compromised.  Erith are proud to continue our efforts in promoting safer cycling”.

Copy courtesy of Serhan Cemal, Bid Support Manager, Erith Contractors Ltd

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