The IDE receive many requests for presentations on Demolition for CPD events and those presentations are usually delivered by the President and Council of Management  members as we believe that the best way to educate the construction and development industries is by demonstrating the skilled work of the demolition industry and IDE members in action.

One such request from the Institute of Clerk of Works & Construction Inspectorate of GB Inc. led to the delivery of a presentation on Monday 18 May at Borough High Street by Past President John Woodward, FIDE.

The talk, entitled “Demolition – Competence is the Key” illustrated the wide range of demolition techniques in use today including Top Down, High Reach, conventional machine, wire pulling, explosive demolition and, the new to the UK, “Top Down Way” method of tower block demolition which is a collaboration between Safedem, C&D Consultancy and Despe.

The talk also covered the industry competency schemes, how to choose a Demolition contractor and why an IDE member of the contractor team is paramount to successful safe demolition.

The talk was very well received and John has been asked to repeat it to other branches throughout the country.

If you are interested in becoming a Member of the IDE please contact [email protected] for more information.

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Past-President John Woodward, FIDE