Dress Code for Events

Dear Members

It is becoming apparent that a few of our members are choosing to ignore the dress code when attending the IDE events.  We have always stipulated on all booking forms and information regarding events that the dress code is to be smart dress with tie (preferably the IDE tie).  No jeans, trainers or work boots are to be worn.

We are a professional organisation and feel that our members should behave as ambassadors for the IDE at all times, especially when they are attending an IDE or industry event.

We are finding it quite disappointing to have to point out to a few of our members that a specific appearance is necessary as we feel that this should go without saying.

With this in mind, the IDE have therefore made the decision that if a member fails to abide by the dress code when it is required they will not be permitted to attend the event and will be asked to leave.

Duncan Rudall, FIDE TechIOSH

IDE President