The Electoral Reform Services will be administering the Council of Management Election 2014 on behalf of the Institute of Demolition Engineers.

 You will receive an email with information on how to nominate and vote around the 17th September, please make sure you keep a look out for this email and ensure that your IDE emails are not directed to your Junk Folder.  Within this email you will be directed to a website where you will be given specific details on how to vote in this year’s election.  Please follow these instructions carefully.

Please note that if you are not up to date with your Subscription payments for 2014-2015 you will not be eligible to vote in this election, therefore it is imperative that you pay any outstanding fees as soon as possible.
Nominations can be made by fully paid up Fellows (FIDE, Hon FIDE), Full Members (MIDE, Hon MIDE) and Associate Members (AMIDE) only.  No other grade of membership is eligible to vote.
Fully paid up Fellows (FIDE & Hon FIDE) and Full Members (MIDE & Hon MIDE) are eligible to stand for election.