Dear Members

Demolition Engineer is to be re-launched for the AGM on 14th November 2014. Those attending will pick up a copy on the day.

To make the re-launch a success your Institute needs your involvement on producing content for the magazine.  Copy is coming in but we need more. By the end of September we need to be pulling the final content and presentation together.

We will have articles about temporary works, a gap-year student’s experience of entering the industry and joining the IDE, design for deconstruction and a day in the life of the National Secretary. We will also have words of wisdom from our outgoing and incoming Presidents and a report on touch screen tests results. We will learn about the New Zealand industry and we will sing the praises of the NFDC Direct Form of Contract.

We will have a spot for an “Opinion piece” – so do you want to let off steam on any sector topic – names can be withheld to protect the innocent!!

Let’s have Letters to the Editor, telling us what you think about the work your Institute does, about something within the sector that is on your mind, something you’d like to see change – in fact, anything – and again names can be withheld to protect the innocent.

Have you attended a regional meeting? Then give us a briefing about it.

Have you attended an external meeting that had matters of interest to demolition? Tell us about it.

Tell us about your membership journey so far.

And those all important projects – gives us the facts and photos.

And don’t forget, the re-launched magazine will give you the opportunity to advertise within the sector.  Contact us for rates.

To succeed and be of value, Demolition Engineer needs to be the work of many not few. It needs diversity of input. It needs to be a coming together of ‘all the talents’.



Michael R Ulyatt LLB(Hons) DipSurv, MRICS MCIOB MIDE MQSi MIConstM

The Editor