Garry Bird - Great Swim London 2013As we all know demolition is a fast moving industry, though taken for granted the management take the brunt of the pressure. How to unwind? How to switch off? That is the challenge!!

Personally I took up a lifelong ambition which was learning to swim. (And hopfully loose the middle age drift). A new swimming pool opened nearby and I took advantage of the introductory offer. Adult swimming sessions started at 6am which fitted nicely into my daily routine. The 25m pool was divided into 3 lanes marked slow, medium and fast. Failing to achieve my 20 meter certificate when I was 10 I decided to start in the slow lane and even that was tuff. However, I observed swimmers more experienced than me, sort advice and took some training.

After 5 visits a week for a year I had achieved my goal of progressing to the medium speed lane. Obviously once I’d reached this goal I had to set myself a new one and yes after a couple more months I had migrated to the fast lane.

Having just reached my second year anniversary and can proudly announce that I am currently one of the fastest, endurance swimmers within the club, and for my sins, am now teaching other people to swim. I have just signed-up for the British Gas Great London Swim 2013 and will announce my number in due course. I could be looking for sponsors? Visit the Great Swim website.

The moral of this story is that you’re never too old to learn, set yourself a goal and once you have achieved that goal set yourself a new one. This stance can be applied to everything we do whether work related or not.

Whilst writing I must mention my mentor Miss Elle Symonds Paralympics gold medallist, when she won gold this year and cried, I cried also, I understood how difficult it must be.

Mr Garry G Bird. (MIDE)