Dr Phil Bust  PhD MSc., BSc M.IEHF

bustp-ss2013Phil is a Registered Ergonomist and senior researcher at Loughborough University in the area of health and safety in construction. Before becoming involved in research he worked for over 25 years for consultants, contractors, local authorities and architectural practices in various countries. He also has consultancy experience working in the manufacturing industry on manual handling training, workstation design and the development of tools to assess ergonomics factors of work tasks.

His research has included a role as the London 2012, Learning Legacy Health and Safety Rapporteur; projects investigating duty holders’ management of asbestos, health, safety and welfare of migrant construction workers in the UK, construction health and safety in developing countries and the manual handling of concrete construction materials. He has more than 40 publications in the area of construction health and safety. Phil is currently a member of the UK HSE working group on health surveillance and exposure monitoring for paving, road and highways work. He was also the programme secretary for the Ergonomics Society and editor of Contemporary Ergonomics between 2005 and 2009.

James Styles and Warren Mitty are students at Loughborough University studying Construction Engineering Management.  Matt Smith is also at Loughborough studying Civil Engineering

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