John told the meeting that times are difficult for the IDE as we have lost 25 members this year. These were people who had not maintained the correct levels of CPD and that we would lose a further 40+ members in March 2013 if entrant members did not take the exam and progress to AMIDE. But, he stressed that for the IDE to be continued to be viewed as an Institute that believes in quality and competence then there is no other course of action open to the Institute. They cannot allow entrants to be viewed, by uninformed clients, in a similar manner to AMIDE, MIDE, and FIDE.


The newly awarded bursary to Loughborough University for assisting students in preparing end of course assignments on demolition related subjects was well received and, viewed as a positive step forward in getting demolition engineering recognised as both a career and a university course.

The admission into the Engineering Council was also well received though John explained that a fully chartered institute was some years away as IDE are a long way short of the 5000 members needed for chartered status at the moment.

John explained the new entry route for persons needing assistance with the exam process and explained fully how the system will work, how to apply for the route, and how IDE will adapt the route to meet the needs of overseas members wishing to progress from entrant to AMIDE.

The address ended with a call for those present to attend the Autumn Seminar at OGGS on Friday 28 September and the AGM and Luncheon at Lords on Friday 16 November to see Steve Jack installed as the new President.


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