The assembled were treated to talks by Terry Hugh’s of the Blue Group who gave a history of the group and their activities as a suppliers of equipment to the demolition industry.  This was followed by a very detailed and informative talk by Tony Weir of Powerscreen.  Tony gave us a very comprehensive talk on new crusher and screener technologies and developments. The next speaker was Alasdair Green one of our local HSE inspectors who spoke about the HSE’s construction plan for 2012 and how demolition is incorporated into this plan, he followed this with the HSE’s expectations in respect of planning the demolition project. 

Finally Alastair spoke about the new intervention charges to be introduced in October this year.  He described in some detail what would be charged for and what wouldn’t, this gave everybody food for thought. Finally David Gauja from PTS Demolition spoke about a recent project he was involved with demolishing road bridges as part of the refurbishment and carriageway widening work being carried out on the A1 motorway in North Yorkshire.

The meeting was concluded with a variety of IDE information and notices.  The assembled then retired back to the patio area for refreshments and to enjoy the evening sun.  As always happens when demolition folk get together a number of entertaining stories came out especially about the good old days.

We would hope to hold another regional meeting in the North East, either later on this year or early next year and I have had a couple of tentative offers for hosting the event so watch this space.