In welcoming those who have been admitted into the Institute John Woodward, IDE President, comments,

As the Council of management have been concerned for some time that clients do not always understand how enrolled status sits within the IDE competency we have now decide that all new members of IDE will now be known as “Entrant” rather than “Enrolled” as that gives a clearer indication that the individual is starting out within the IDE and working towards full membership.

New Entrant members are:

Daniel A Baker, John F Hunt Demolition Ltd
Brett Cross, Down to Earth Demolition Ltd
William Cross, Down to Earth Demolition Ltd
Robert V Ellis, Keltbray Ltd
David Gauja, Tyne Tees Demolition Ltd
Martin J B Kettle, CMR (Demolitions) Ltd
Fábio T B Pinto, Fábio Bruno Construções Ltda. Brazil
Adam Thurlby, A R T Dismantling Ltd
Christina C Wallace, Sandwell MBC Urban Design

Affiliate member:

David J Rigby Haulmark Equipment Ltd