Spring Seminar – 25 February 2011 – Royal Armouries, Leeds
federico-fantiFederico Fanti – Civil Engineer, Project Manager / Engineering Manager DESPE S.p.A

Graduated at the University of Pisa, has obtained a significant experience in the restoration of historic structure. Played the role of Technical Director on site for the company CMSA.

Among the most significant:

– ANAS: Demolition of the deck of the bridge connecting the provinces of Piacenza and Lodi.
– MANCINI AND MARTI: Complete demolition of the bridge over  the Ticino river – Belinzona (CH)
– ARENGARIO: Partial demolition of the Arengario Museum (MI)

Since 2002 at  DESPE S.p.A. playing the role of Project Manager, Head of the competition stages, technical-economic management, planning, implementing and monitoring performance (cost, time and quality) of different projects.

In addition to the above mentioned he also holds the role of Head of Engineering designing demolition performances at every stage,  reviewing in place the feasibility of the interventions during the execution phase.

  • – ATER ROME: Demolition of  No. 3 bridges  in the District Laurentino (ROME)
  • – COOP7: Demolition of Tiburtina Stazione (Rome)
  • – Thales Alenia: Demolition and securing the establishment in L’Aquila following the earthquake in April 2009.
  • – Pavimental: Demolition motorway overpass  Milan-Bergamo and Rome-Fiano
  • – Naples Underground: Recovery and storage of archaeological Roman and Angevin artifacts.
  • – Bonatti: Partial Demolition  of the Parma Station
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paolo-scorzaPaolo Scorza, Civil Ingeneer, Project Manager DESPE SpA

Graduated at the Politecnico of Milan, in his first working stage he has gained professional experience in the of plant construction field in the petrolchemical industry, acting as Construction Manager for Foster Wheeler Italy S.p.A.

Since 2007 with Despe s.r.l. playing the role of Project Manager, Head of the competition stages, technical-economic management, planning, implementing and monitoring performances ( cost, time and quality ) of different projects.

Among the most significant:

  • PIAGGIO & C S.p.A.: remediation and demolition for the redevelopment of the Moto Guzzi industrial logistics, Mandello del Lario (LC)
  • FERGEN  s.c.p.a .: infrastructure enhencing woks Voltri-Brignole  withi the railway junction in Genoa
  • ENGECO: remediation and deconstruction of residential building Rue de la Colle, Monaco
  • CITYLIFE s.r.l.: demolition, removal and disposal of asbestos from existing buildings in the former Milan Trade Fair
  • ENDESA ITALIA S.p.A.: demolition, remediation, recovery, rehabilitation and integration of the area occupied by the environmental groups 1,2,3, and 4 of the power plant Tavazzano (LO)
  • ENIPOWER S.p.A.: remediation, demolition and dismantling of boilers and chimneys of the plants 20B3 & 20B2, in Ravenna
  • ILVA S.p.A.: decommissioning and dismantling of steel structures shed former steelworks – converters area  and scrap park
  • SVILUPPO GE NOVA S.p.A: decommissioning and demolition of the “COK” area and related activities

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