John Woodward, IDE President, comments,

I could not let this awful week in Construction & Demolition pass without comment as it is tragic to think that 6 people lost their lives last week in accidents in the construction and demolition industries and many more who knew the deceased, or were there at the time, will have had their lives changed for ever.

With the many current HSE and company initiatives around to try to reduce the number of fatalities in construction and demolition it is tragic to see so many lives cut short whilst doing the jobs that they loved.

Over the last few years we have become, unfortunately, accustomed to members of our armed forces being killed on a weekly basis but I would never have expected to hear of 6 deaths in construction and demolition in one week.

I do not intend to comment of the individual events as full investigations are ongoing in all cases and it may be several months, or years until we know what happened, but I would say that we work in an industry that was improving it’s accident rate on a year by year basis, only to have an awful week last week that shows that we can never become complacent  as we are all only seconds away from our lives and that of others changing forever.