The Institute of Demolition Engineers is pleased to confer complimentary membership on students studying a subject relevant to demolition engineering at a recognised university or college.

Evidence of participation in such a course is required with this form and at the beginning of each academic year.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Access to the Members’ Section on the website and expertise.
  • Opportunity to meet other members at Regional Meetings
  • Support and help from senior Engineers in the demolition industry
  • A place at IDE Seminars as the guest of the Institute

Student membership is only valid during the period of full time study.

If the student pursues a career in demolition engineering he or she will be very welcome to apply for the Entrant grade. If this path is followed, the ex-Student Member /new Entrant will be expected to gain three years practical experience in demolition engineering before applying to sit the Institute’s examinations. These examinations give access to higher grades of membership.

Download a copy of the Student Application Form and Notes