The Institute is managed by a Council of Management, the membership of which collectively and individually seeks to combine talent and experience in the field of Demolition Engineering and make this available for the general benefit of the industry.

Members of the Council are elected annually in accordance with the Rules.

  • Stephen J Jack FIDE – President
  • Duncan Rudall FIDE – Vice President
  • John Woodward FIDE – Past President (Ex Officio)
  • Richard D Comley FIDE – Hon Treasurer
  • President of the NFDC (Ex Officio)
  • Stuart Accleton MIDE
  • Howard M Button FIDE
  • David J Darsey FIDE
  • Richard Dolman MIDE
  • Robin A Powell MIDE
  • Terry R Quarmby FIDE
  • Trevor Symonds MIDE
  • Michael Ulyatt MIDE
  • Vernon Watson FIDE

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