Foundation Degree – Demolition Management

An introduction to the
Foundation Degree Course – Demolition Management

(former Higher National Diploma)

Course Entry Criteria

This foundation degree in Demolition Management is a world first and is being offered by the Institute of Demolition Engineers, supported by the University of Wolverhampton. Access onto the course is open to members of the Institute and to non-members.  Non-members will be required to demonstrate one or more of the following:

(a)A working alliance with the Demolition sector

(b)An Historical alliance with the Demolition sector

(c)An intention to engage in future alliances with the Demolition sector

All candidates who wish to gain access onto the course will be required to meet the following:

  1. Evidence of prior learning ability by examination or work-based assessment; and or
  2. Seniority in management and membership of other Institutions;
  3. A commitment to attending all course module teaching days;
  4. Completion of all course work and or reports within the specified timeframes;
  5. A propensity to learn and an ability to be a team member to assist others as appropriate.

Course Specification

The foundation degree in Demolition Management consists of 13 modules (refer to timetable for details) to be spread over two academic terms (two years, includes Easter and Summer vacations) from October to April/May.  A certificate of award of achievement will be made at the Institute’s Annual Luncheon by the President together with a higher education credit award of 240 credits from the University of Wolverhampton towards a BSc Top Up Degree in Demolition Management (see website for more details).

Modules 1 – 6 = Level 4          Modules 7 – 12 = Level 5       120 Credits on each level

Module 13 = Course assessment/Conclusion/Verification Process

Each module will require the candidate to attend a compulsory teaching day of a minimum 8 hours.  The module course work consists of a further 40 hours of evidenced work.  Set course work requiring research for each unit should be in the form of a report and will be between 3,000 and 3,500 words.

The monthly course work may include work-related evidence.  For practitioners, i.e. contractors it may include examples of site or office documents specific to on-going or future contracts/projects of which the author is clearly the student themselves.  For consultants and those working within a satellite discipline it may include information/training/instruction/representation etc. to clients and or contractors involved in the Demolition or asbestos removal processes.

All course work is to be returned to the course validator (usually the course tutor) for marking.  All course work must be returned prior to commencement of the following module.  Failure to meet this rule may result in the student being dismissed.  The Institutes Council of Management, represented by the Education Committee, will have full powers of decision making on all course related issues.  The Committee’s decision is final and is non-negotiable.


All candidates will be required to pay the course fees a minimum of three months in advance.  This relates to three complete modules at a time.  No student will be allowed to continue their studies until the appropriate fees have been paid and processed by the Institute . Candidates will have the choice of paying a minimum of 4 x instalments or multiples in excess of this amount providing always that at least three months fees are in advance.  Successful candidates invited to sit the course will be required to sign an agreement to the Institutes Rules of Attendance and Conduct.

  • Note: Students who fail to attend the teaching modules or who drop out of the course and or are dismissed from continuing, cannot be reimbursed of any payment that has been made.


4 instalments of £750.00 with a final payment of £250.00* for the end of course assessment


4 instalments of £900.00 with  a final payment of £300.00* for the end of course assessment.

*Applies to one final payment for Module 13 as a course assessment/conclusion/verification process.

Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or direct debit.

Year 1 Proposed Timetable (Draft)

Monday 8/10/181Appreciation of the UK Demolition sector and research methods
Course work/authors work evidence
Class exercise
Monday 19/11/182Occupational Health & Safety for Demolition
Course work/authors work evidence
Class exercise
Monday 10/12/183Asbestos removal Part 1
Course work/ authors work evidence
Class exercise
Christmas Break
Monday 14/01/194Asbestos removal Part 2
Course work/ authors work evidence
Class exercise
Monday 13/02/19
5Demolition and the environment
Course work/ authors work evidence
Class exercise
Monday 18/03/196Demolition methodologyCourse work/ authors work evidence
Class exercise
Easter BreakAssignment
Monday 22/04/19
7Plant and equipment
Course work/ authors work evidence
Class exercise
MayMarking of assignment
MayTutor compilation of marking and forwarding to education committee


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