The IDE East Midlands Regional Meeting was held at Ward Recycling, Chesterfield, on 13 June 2019; attended by 11 IDE Members and Ward employees the meeting was an interesting and very informative event.

The meeting was in two sections, firstly a tour of the facility, followed by two talks relating to waste – ‘Changes to Wood Classification’ and ‘Fundamentals of Scrap Metal Prices.

The tour of the facility was very interesting covering most aspects of waste receipt and processing, including, but not limited to, hazardous waste, controlled waste, wood, scrap metal and processing. The facility was impressive on many counts, the scale of operation, the range of activities, the plant/ equipment in use and the vision and investment, financial, plant/equipment and people necessary to both construct and run this undertaking.

The talks were very interesting, delivered by very knowledgeable members of the Ward management, they certainly gave attendees food for thought.

The ‘Changes to Wood Classification’ talk was given by Dan Egnar and gave details of the Regulatory Position Statement 2017 and details of the Wood Recycling Association Grades A, B, C and D of wood waste classification. Judging by comments from around the room, we are not all singing from the same hymn sheet, perhaps we need to have a closer look at our wood waste disposal?  What was interesting was the gap between the UK and German recycling figures – startling!

The ‘Fundamentals of Scrap Metal Prices’ talk was given by Toby Potter and initially gave an overview of the different methods of steel production and the required raw materials; the explanation of distribution/demand of scrap metal, the forces brought about that impact upon the price and the main ‘players’, some of whom the attendees were unaware. The one statistic that was astounding – the production figures of China against the UK.

The event was a success, very enjoyable for those who attended and our thanks go to Ward and all their staff who, by virtue of their knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm and obvious pride in both their Company and their individual responsibilities, provided a thoroughly enjoyable and definite learning event.

I would also like to thank Ashley Oates for hosting the event, enabling it to run smoothly, and organising refreshments; I cannot forget the chocolate truffles.

Author: Vernon Watson, FIDE, IDE Council of Management