HS2, the proposed high speed rail line between London & Birmingham, are gearing up for the initial site clearance works and part of the gearing up was a company conference on the demolition aspects of the project held in Central London on Tuesday 13 June.

The full day conference included presentations from HS2 staff, and IDE members from Keltbray and Coleman & Company with a specific IDE presentation. 

The IDE presentation, delivered by Mike Kehoe MIDE on behalf of the President, included the HSE view that clients need to be “informed clients” and how using an IDE member as part of the client team demonstrates clearly that the client can discharge their duties under CDM with regard to demolition works. Mike went on to explain the IDE membership grades and the route, via IDE Education modules, to a Diploma in Demolition Engineering and a Degree in the same.   The talk was very well received.

Author: John Woodward FIDE, IDE Past-President, C & D Consultancy

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