On the 07th March 2017 John F Hunt Demolition Ltd took part in a Construction Career Day at Carlton Primary School, Grafton Rd, London.  The main event was organised by Multiplex Construction and included other trades stalls.  As John F Hunt Demolition Ltd are the main demolition contractor at CenterPoint Project, we were the ideal choice for the demolition section.

The day involved some career education in construction for 2 streams of kids from Year 5 & 6, in line with the schools policy of early career education.

The day started with Multiplex introduction to the children and a video on construction.  The kids then split into 6 groups of 10 and did a tour around all the stalls to learn about the specific trades.  My demolition stall included a lot of photographs, pictures, pamphlets and IDE prizes such as caps and pamphlets.  There was also props such as PPE, First Aid boxes and a good video on my laptop of a building being demolished with dynamite.  I prepared a story about the origin of demolition in a bit of a cartoon theme to get the kids interested and let them add to the story by asking them to tell me certain missing words etc.  They found it extremely interesting as of course Demolition is the most destructive career in construction.  We made a lot of noise and acted out how excavators and cranes work, and did a little ‘Spot the Danger’  exercise on a typical dangerous site poster.

The types of questions I received were:

1.       Why is demolition needed?

2.       What’s involved in demolition?

3.       What’s best about working in demolition?

4.       What types of buildings have been destroyed by the company?

5.       What do you have to do to be a manager?   

All very good questions!  The demolition stall was definitely the stall that was the most difficult to get kids away from…

“I would like to thank you for your tremendous contribution to last weeks’ visit to Carlton school. I’ve had great feedback from the teachers who stated that the year 4s and 5s benefitted enormously from it. Your stand about demolition was particularly well received, judging from the difficulty that I had in trying to get groups to rotate away from it.”

Nick Wicks, Community Engagement Coordinator, Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd

Author: Mike Weller AMIDE, Project Manager, John F Hunt Demolition Ltd

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