al3The Institute of Demolition Engineers recently held their 40th AGM and awards ceremony at the prestigious venue of the Royal Institute of British Architects in London.

The busy day started early with a meeting for the Council of Management before commencement of the AGM where President Duncan Rudall welcomed everyone to the venue.  The event was the last to be hosted by Duncan Rudall as President as he was to hand over the chain of office to incoming President, Erith Group’s David Darsey.

Duncan Rudall thanked the Institute for their hard work over the past 12 months in pushing the Demolition Degree a step further, the move to larger offices and for the successful seminars held in Leeds and London.

Treasurer Stuart Accleton, whose post was then confirmed for the next two years, confirmed the Institute’s financial standing. An increase in income bolstering the coffers, was offset by an increase in venue costs for seminars and office relocation costs. Even with the increase in expenditure, the Institute remains in a healthy financial position and will look to expend further finances in education and development for the betterment of the industry.

With a view to the future, Dr Terry Quarmby reminded the attendees of the Institutes need to foster and promote the science of demolition engineering. With this in mind, the forthcoming Demolition Degree, which is still in the final stages of discussion, will take the demolition engineer to the forefront of their industry. Whilst a start date is not yet confirmed, early expression of interest to the Institute is recommended.


From left: Gary Bishop MIDE, Vice President, David Darsey FIDE, FRSA President

With David Darsey moving up to the Presidential position it left a vacancy for Vice President for the next two years. The extremely hard fought campaign between two Members; Gary Bishop and Richard Dolman eventually saw Gary Bishop take the position. Both Duncan Rudall and David Darsey thanked the candidates and Institute Members for their applications and voting despite some vociferous media coverage. Commenting on the voting process, new President David Darsey explained that any future voting processes will only allow candidates to provide a biography to be sent out with voting slips.

In his final speech, Duncan Rudall thanked the Institute, Council of Management and all of its Members for all of its help throughout his two-year tenure. Special thanks were given to Maureen and Michelle in head office for their tireless work in keeping everything running smoothly. “Despite becoming fatter, greyer and more sceptical over the past two years, it is something I wouldn’t have missed out on. I wish David all the best in his Presidency and Gary as Vice President. We are good at what we do but you should all remember; we do it for you.”

Incoming President David Darsey thanked the Council of Management before committing to taking the Institute forward from the excellent position they are currently in. “I am very passionate about the industry and look forward to expanding on where we are at this time. We need to attract youngsters into the profession otherwise it will get stale. We must promote the IDE to clients as the best way forward.” David Darsey rounded off by saying; “I will support the Institute in all areas, what I do, with my heart and head, is for the benefit of our industry.”

A final word at the AGM came from Mick Ulyatt asking for more members to step forward and take up the challenge of stepping up to become chartered engineers. “The industry needs more experience and we need to grab this opportunity.”

The afternoon’s proceedings commenced with David Darsey welcoming guests to the lunch before taking charge of presenting over 30 Members with their professional qualifications within the Institute.


From Left: John Woodward FIDE and Steve Jack FIDE


From left: David Darsey, IDE President and Honorary Fellow Ron Callan

The day rounded off with David Darsey presenting an award to two outstanding members of the demolition community who are standing down from the IDE. With over 50 years of IDE experience between them, Steve Jack and John Woodward have taken the hard decision to take life a little easier with Steve looking to play more golf and John spending more time fishing. A lifetime achievement award was also presented to Kocurek’s Ron Callan for his services to the demolition industry.


From left: David Darsey, Stuart Accleton and Duncan Rudall

The awards ceremony also saw the introduction of a new award; the Presidents Award. Specifically chosen for those who have given a significant contribution to the industry in developing and fostering the reputation of the industry as a career and profession, the award was given to Stuart Accleton of the Erith Group. Decided upon by the Council of Management, the award was presented to Stuart Accleton for his work on the Passion Project which aims to get young people back on the straight and narrow and into a possible career in the demolition industry.


From Left: Adrian McLean and Duncan Rudall

A final presentation was made by Armac’s Adrian McLean to outgoing President Duncan Rudall. A huge Exeter Chiefs rugby fan, Adrian McLean presented a very happy Duncan Rudall with a shirt signed by the entire Chiefs team.

A copy of the minutes of the AGM and all related documents is available on request from the National Secretary [email protected]

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Author: Paul Argent, RPA Photography

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