ITF-Logo-FinalInspiring the Future was launched in July 2012, and today they have published their four year review. In a letter sent to Ex-IDE President John Woodward FIDE the Inspiring the Future Team wrote “We wanted to take this opportunity to write and thank you for helping to make a difference to the aspirations and life opportunities of the next generation of young people in the U.K.”

Since this initiative commenced over 5,500 state schools, including 85% of secondary schools and colleges, have signed up and over 10,000 teachers have collectively sent 135,000 invitations to volunteers. As a result, over a million new connections have been made between young people and employee volunteers.

You can read the story of Inspiring the Future in their special 4 year review published today: Inspiring the Future 2012 – 16 (PDF) 

There are now over 30,000 volunteers signed up to Inspiring the Future and its Inspiring Women and Primary Futures Campaigns. They are constantly striving to improve and make their service even better, and recently launched the new ‘mapping’ option on volunteer profiles, allowing you to volunteer within a 40 minute radius of your chosen address. They will be making further upgrades over the summer. The Inspiring the Future Team value your feedback, so please do get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions about any aspect of the Inspiring the Future experience.

John Woodward was pleased to report that “my new trainee at C&D Consultancy, Matt Birch, secured himself a job after he did an an “Inspiring the Future” talk at his school two years ago and he wrote to ask for work experience”.

If you don’t already, then please follow them on twitter – @Edu_Employers. As always they have just one simple ask – that you forward this on to one friend or colleague and encourage them to also sign up to Inspiring the Future. Together we can really make a difference.

Author:  The Inspiring the Future Team

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