woodwardj175x149John Woodward FIDE (pictured left)  (Past President and current IDE Council Member) continues to visit schools to talk to pupils about their career choices as part of the Inspiring Futures Scheme.

The Scheme, launched by the Government, encourages industry leaders to visit schools on a volunteer basis sharing their knowledge and expertise of their specialised field.  In John’s case this is obviously Demolition.  To date John has completed many school visits as well as attending the UK Press Launch of the Primary Futures Launch in May 2014 which replicates Inspiring the Future in Primary Schools.

Following the recent IDE AGM on 13th November at Plaisterers Hall, London, it has become apparent that many of our members are keen to become involved in this Scheme in their part of the country to promote the Demolition Career Path to the next generation of Demolition Engineers.

 As all of our IDE Members are aware, Demolition is a great career choice as you “Remove the past to make way for the future”

If you would like to become involved with the Scheme please drop the IDE an email at [email protected]