Dick Green 263Last week in an Italian restaurant in Glasgow explosives experts Dick Green and William Sinclair sat talking with Mike Kehoe about Dick’s upcoming presentation at the IDE Seminar at One Great George Street on Friday 25th September.

As usual there was a bit of “demolition banter” in the conversation which ended with William setting Dick a challenge to raise money for charity.  William pledged £10.00 for every time Dick managed to mention William or Safedem in the presentation on Friday and Mike agreed to pledge £10.00 as well viagra pharmacie france.

Anyone attending the seminar on Friday would have heard Dick’s usual mix of excellent technical content coupled with funny quotes but probably never noticed how often he referred to William or Safedem within the talk. If you did notice that he mentioned them five times and wondered why then you will be pleased to know that the little challenge raised £100.00 for a charity of William’s choice.

Speaking at lunch Dick (pictured left) said “I missed a chance to get a couple of other mentions in as well at the end but I thought if I did so everyone would think I was a blooming Safedem advert”

A great seminar (for which we thank the Speakers, Maureen and Michelle and the Sponsors) that gave education, entertainment, humour and raised £100.00 for charity shows why IDE Seminars are not to be missed.

Author:  John Woodward FIDE, IDE Past President