ClandonThe fire at Clandon Park has been the subject of mass network coverage of late, with the blazing fire of a Grade I listed building leading to catastrophic historical damage.

The mansion, which was constructed in the early 1700’s, homed a variety of valuable 18th century antiques – some of which were damaged as a result of the blaze which took place back in April.  Approximately 80 fire-fighters helped distinguish the fire, which saw the destruction of historical furniture, glassware, textiles and a rare collection of 18th century porcelain.

Calling on the their expertise in asset protection and salvage, the Erith Group were appointed to undertake the internal strip-out of what remains of the Grade I listed structure.  Given its heritage legacy and existing condition, the works required an extremely sensitive approach; working closely with the National Trust, Structural Engineers and Loss Adjudicators throughout the process.  Working in a diligent fashion, Erith gained access through the core of the building – lifting all salvageable artefacts outside the structured footprint via mobile cranes and associated man riders.

Any other items which were deemed to be salvageable by The National Trust were placed in a designated quarantine area to ensure the appropriate restoration could take place.

Copy courtesy of Serhan Cemal, Bid Support Manager, Erith Contractors Ltd

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