Mental health is a difficult subject to discuss, not least in the workplace. The British Safety Council is pleased to support Time to Talk Day and has produced a new video, made in collaboration with Mind and the Centre for Mental Health, about how employers and employees need to have a conversation about mental health.

Neal Stone, acting chief executive of the British Safety Council, explains why the British Safety Council is backing the campaign. “With mental health problems the number one cause of sickness absence in the UK and 1 in 6 people suffering from anxiety, depression or stress, we need people to face up to mental health in the workplace. Time to Talk Day is an important campaign to get this conversation going.

“It is not easy; the stigma associated with mental health problems is very powerful. But with employers taking some simple steps to talk to staff and build healthy workplaces, they can make a huge difference.

“Our video, Mental health at work, made with the generous support of Mind and the Centre for Mental Health, identifies the role the workplace can play in managing mental health risks through, for example, surveys and training, as well as the importance of spotting the symptoms of mental health problems early. Together, employers and employees, should take time to talk about mental health.”

The Time to Talk Day campaign website can be found here. The site has many useful resources, including how the campaign can be adopted in the workplace. Mind and the Centre for Mental Health websites also have resources for businesses to help them build healthy workplaces and give support to people with mental health problems.

Author:  The British Safety Council

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