Construction Industry Summit: Government and Industry in Partnership

The Construction Industry Council today announced a major event in the construction industry calendar for next year — Construction Industry Summit: Government and Industry in Partnership —which will take place in London on 8-9 September 2015.

This flagship conference and networking event, led by the Construction Industry Council and the Strategic Forum for Construction, is being organised by the industry, for the industry, to engage and empower stakeholders from across all sectors of the built environment to achieve and deliver the vision set out in the Industrial Strategy Construction 2025 manifesto.

In Construction 2025, industry and government in partnership developed a clear and defined set of aspirations for UK construction. Its vision of where the industry should be by 2025 provides the core themes for the 2015 conference programme:

  • PEOPLE – An industry that is known for its talented and diverse workforce
  • SMART – An industry that is efficient and technologically advanced
  • SUSTAINABLE – An industry that leads the world in low-carbon and green construction exports
  • GROWTH – An industry that drives growth across the entire economy
  • LEADERSHIP – An industry with clear leadership from the Construction Leadership Council

Leading speakers from across all sectors will come together to share best practice, challenge conventional thinking and learn from one another.

Speaking about the conference, Peter Hansford, Chief Construction Adviser, said: “The global construction market is forecast to grow over 70% by 2025 and the Government is working with the UK construction industry to ensure that British companies are well placed to take advantage of the opportunities that this presents. The Construction Industry Summit is an invitation to everyone in the industry to get involved and to have their say in the Construction 2025 vision going forward.”

CIC Chief Executive Graham Watts OBE commented: “This summit will provide a unique opportunity for industry to hear, and to influence, the direction of the Industrial Strategy’s aspirations. It represents a coming-together of industry, a place for us to share, challenge and learn, in a spirit of collaboration.”

Construction Products Association Chief Executive Dr Diana Montgomery said: “This is a tremendous opportunity for the entire industry to establish a consensus for action and solutions around this agenda, to demonstrate leadership and play its part in shaping the future of construction in the UK.”

For more information please visit the event website: or Twitter: @Summit2025 Hashtag: #CIS2015

Author: Construction Industry Council

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