Liberty1A team of strong cyclists from Liberty Industrial set off to conquer the MS Sydney to the Gong ride, a 90km trek through the Southern suburbs of Sydney to Wollongong.  The crew was made up of employees from the Clyde Refinery Decommissioning Project in Sydney, New South Wales.

Starting in St Peter’s Park on a cool Spring morning the riders followed the picturesque eastern coast line, through Botany Bay over the Captain Cook Bridge, through the Royal National Park, over the sea cliff bridge and into Wollongong.  With head winds gusting up to 35km per hour the guys battled on being forced to lean into the wind to simply stop them from being blown off their bikes.  The hilly terrain took its toll on the riders as the mid-morning sun hit 25 degrees Celsius.  All 10 riders successfully completed the course and retired to the Towradgi Beach Hotel for copious amounts of liquid antiseptic before the support crew assisted them in getting back to Sydney.

The annual event, organised by MS Australia, raises millions of dollars for people living with Multiple Sclerosis, a debilitating neurological condition which randomly attacks the central nervous system.  So far, Liberty have raised $5000.00.  If you wish to make a donation please visit:

The MS Sydney to Gong Bike Ride is the largest mass participation event on the NSW cycling calendar.  Money raised by MS Sydney to the Gong participants provides assistance and support to people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Liberty 2  Author: Dave Wall, Liberty Industrial, New South Wales 

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