7878Peter Lindsell 78We were extremely saddened to hear that a long standing member of the IDE, Peter Lindsell, passed away last week whilst he was on holiday in the Canary Islands.  Our condolences go to Peter’s family at this sad time.

Peters funeral will be held on Friday 12th December at 2:30pm at Wessex Vale Crematorium Hedge End.  Further details can be found at www.peterlindsell1946-2014.co.uk .  Afterwards there will be a reception at The Lyndhurst Park Hotel, Lyndhurst.

“Dr Peter Lindsell, who unfortunately died last week, will be remembered for his input into the Institute in its early days. He joined the Council of Management in 1982 and left in 1996. During that time he was elected President, a position which he held from 1989 until 1991, and subsequently fulfilled the roll of Secretary from 1995 to 1996. Peter was also voted NFDC Man of the Year in 1986.

As a member of both the Institutions of Structural Engineers and Civil Engineers, Peter was quite an academic in the Demolition Industry. He took an active part in the early days of research into the recycling of demolition debris, although his main fields of expertise were in load testing and demolition of complex structures. As such, he set up Peter Lindsell and Associates in 1993 where he continued to develop his knowledge and provide a unique resource to the demolition industry. In later years he was an expert witness and specialised in demolition accidents. Always eager to share his knowledge he lectured at Surrey University and held specialised seminars, many relating to forensic engineering and demolition.”  Steve Jack, Past President, IDE