The Construction Industry Council has opened the application process to find the next generation of recruits for its BIM2050 Group and invites young professionals from across the industry to apply.

The BIM2050 Group was established by CIC in September 2012 and chaired by David Philp Head of BIM, HM Government UK BIM Task Group. Over the past 2 years the group has stimulated discussion about the future of the industry and researched the role technology will play.  The group’s work includes the publication, last month, of, Built Environment 2050: A Report on our Digital Future, to wide industry acclaim. The report is available as a free download here.  The group also ran an event with KMPG entitled Building our future industry, Fast Forward 2050 which brought together senior industry professionals to partake in an interactive discussion to explore the potential future of the industry.

In his letter to the out-going group members, Graham Watts, OBE, CIC Chief Executive said: “Over the past two years you have produced some very valuable work and I would like to place on record, CIC’s thanks to each and every one of you for raising and creating extremely useful debate about the future challenges facing our industry and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. The time has now come however, to refresh the group’s membership, in order to allow as many young professionals as possible, the opportunity to make their views heard.”

The recruitment process for the next BIM2050 Group will be completed by 1 December 2014. Nominations to sit on the CIC BIM2050 Group may be made by any member organisation of CIC or by any individual. The nominee must be a member of one of CIC’s member organisations, a list of which can be found at

To enable the ethos of the BIM2050 Group to be realised, representatives should be a professional who is at an early stage of their career. For further information please email Andrew Link, CIC Chief Operating Officer, [email protected]

Membership of the BIM 2050 Group is a voluntary position and no salary or fee will be paid.  The BIM2050 Group meets quarterly in London.  The CIC BIM2050 Group will be a sub group of the CIC 2050 Group, whose Chair sits on the Construction Leadership Council.

Author: Construction Industry Council (CIC)

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