Alex HaddenIDE Member Alex Hadden MIDE has agreed to do the Saltmarsh Challenge, a gruelling 2 days (4th & 5th October) and 75 miles of walking across the wilderness that is Essex…!

Alex has been a member of the IDE since 2004 and is the Safety, Health & Environment Director for Brown and Mason Ltd.  Alex and his team manage all aspects of Safety, Health and Environmental systems, procedures and compliance across all of the company’s undertakings from asbestos removal through to demolition.

Alex is taking on the Saltmarsh Challenge to raise money for the Stroke Association, those who know him might question his ability to finish the 75 mile trek through the wilds of Essex but never one to be daunted by a challenge he’s now in training.!  If you would like to sponsor him (no matter how small; or large come to think of it..!) it would be greatly appreciated.  Please visit the following link to donate:

Could you walk 75 miles of England’s most unique coast line in just 2 days?

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That’s the challenge that Bill, Paul, Alex and Terry have accepted to raise awareness and more importantly money for ‘The Stroke Association’ to aid its battle against this silent sudden killer.  Every year there are approximately 152,000 strokes in the UK. That’s one stroke every three and a half minutes, a fact that Bill and Paul know personally having lost their own mother to a Stroke.   Our intrepid team will follow a long distance trail covering the entire coast of the Maldon district of Essex.  The Saltmarsh 75 is no walk in the park; Large swathes are exposed, uninhabited, isolated and raw, combined with driving wind and rain presenting an extreme psychological challenge as well as a physical one.