Doris1As National Secretary to the IDE sometimes I wish I could say that there is a routine in place at HQ.  Not to say there is ever a dull moment, as this indeed is very rare.

Today for example, whilst discussing the intricacies of Portfolio Preparation with a Member who is currently working on his application to become a Full Member, I can see from my window many people in costume all heading for the set of Mr Selfridge (shhh don’t tell anyone) that is currently being filmed at the Historic Dockyard.

Most days at HQ are full of variety.  As we are heading for 3 of the most important events on the IDE Calendar this is a very busy time of year for us.  Firstly we have the Examinations taking place in September commencing with the Preparation Day on the 1st and then the actual examinations on the 18th.  Next comes the ever popular Autumn Seminar at One Great George Street, Westminster on 26th September – and boy what a programme we have for you!  Some excellent speakers have been arranged and are ready to take the stage.  The final event of the year is the AGM/Annual Luncheon – this year to be held at the Tower of London.  Not much I can say about the latter, just WOW!

As you can imagine all three events require a lot of preparation and organisation to making sure that they are a success for our Members.  Venues need to be booked, catering organised, documentation prepared, to name just a few tasks that make up our day.  In between all that there’s the tweeting, facebooking, and additions to the website that have to be done daily as we keep in touch with our Members and encourage them to communicate with us regularly.  We don’t get many visitors to the IDE HQ you see, (sad face) although we are always here with a smile, the kettle on and a biscuit if you’re lucky!  Therefore Social Media and Emails are our way of letting you know what’s going on with the IDE.

If you haven’t already joined us on Facebook or Twitter, please do as we also like reading about you too.

Michelle has also been busy keeping everyone’s CPD records up to date and what a grand job she is doing.  She has been working hard to encourage our Members to notify us of their CPD achievements, even if they are unsure that it is eligible.  There are now so many ways you can notify us of your CPD hours and the latest is so easy – by visiting and going to the CPD section you can now complete an on-line form, click send and PING! It appears in Michelle’s inbox – it couldn’t be easier.

Exciting times are ahead for the IDE and our Members – as we develop new and improved systems and increase the communication we have with you all I can only foresee good things ahead.

Tonight when I leave for the weekend I will be serenaded by a neighbour to The Joiners Shop who plays the bag pipes in his spare time – a lovely ending to a very busy week.  Oh and if you are wondering about the dog picture – this is Doris. Doris comes to work with me every day and her picture was in favour of mine as I am not keen on my photo being taken.

Maureen Tong-Ralphs, National Secretary