The IDE were one of four Institutes who partnered with the EDA at the Deconstruction Forum in Madrid this year, this gave us a profile at the event and President Steve Jack chaired one of the sessions at the conference.

The European Demolition Association, EDA, held in Madrid the Deconstruction Forum a multilingual conference that was a common space for the industries involved in deconstruction.

During the three days, over 200 participants related to the different industries (hazardous waste decontamination, demolition, recycling, dismantling, concrete sawing and drilling) could meet, connect and generate ideas.

The Deconstruction Forum started on Thursday, June 12th  with the board of IACDS and EDA and optional visits to a demolition jobsite of a building complex in Madrid.

The official welcome took place at the Intercontinental Hotel with the celebration of a welcome cocktail for all those attending.

Pilar de la Cruz, EDA President, welcomed all the participants and was really thankful to see the great reception by the members of the association, colleagues, partners and sponsors that made the Deconstruction Forum a great success, to both the association and to the industry.

On Friday 13th, a day full of conferences was the main attraction to all the participants with professional and highly valued speakers from all over the world.

During the four conference sessions the presentations held new developments, case studies and help the participants generate ideas and engaged debate with all the industries involved.

The day ended with a Gala Dinner that took place in a unique and relaxed atmosphere at the Casino de Madrid.

On Saturday, June 14th, the attendances could enjoy a guided visit to the city of Madrid and surroundings: with a panoramic tour of the most important sights of the city including the Royal Palace.

The Deconstruction Forum was an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with colleagues, contractors, manufacturers and association members while enjoying the city of Madrid.

It was interesting to see how different countries approach demolition and the way that everyone seem to have the same problems where ever the site may be.

From the presentations it is very clear that we in the UK are well ahead of the game with the majority of our projects. A number of projects which described as innovation by our European colleagues are treated as the norm by our industry.

Author: S Jack, IDE President