Inspiring the future email 3IDE Past President John Woodward FIDE enrolled upon the Inspiring Futures Scheme, as a Volunteer to talk with pupils about their career and future employment opportunities.  The Scheme, launched by the Government, encourages industry leaders to visit schools on a volunteer basis sharing their knowledge and expertise of their specialised field.  John has completed 3 school visits so far as well as the UK Press Launch of the Primary Futures Launch May 2014 which replicates Inspiring the Future in Primary Schools.

 John’s talks have already inspired pupils to consider a career in demolition as the following piece of work shows,My Dream Job and he is now continuing with his series of talks on Thursday 15 May at the City of Wolverhampton Progression Week at Wellington Road College Campus where his talk will run from 10.00am until 11.00am.


As all of our IDE Members are aware, Demolition is a great career choice as you “Remove the past to make way for the future”

If you would like to share your work experiences with schools why not pop over to the Inspiring the Future website today and register as a volunteer.

       Inspiring the Future