Tower of LondonWe are pleased to announce that this year’s AGM/Annual Luncheon will be held at the prestigious New Armouries at the Tower of London on Friday 14th November 2014.

The New Armouries is a large and elegant brick building built in 1663-4 for the Board of Ordnance, a British government body created in the 15th Century to design, test and produce armaments and munitions.  The building was created as a store for military equipment and supplies after the recall of Civil War arms.

As part of this event you will have the opportunity to join a guided tour of the venue and who knows you may even spot the odd Beefeater or two!

To book a place please complete the booking form Annual Luncheon 2014 Booking Form and return to IDE HQ.  We look forward to seeing you there, or heads will roll!