Warren Mitty

Is nanotechnology the new asbestos?

Nano-technology is embedded into a large number of materials and components used in the built environment

There is some suggestion that nano-particles may have some similarities with asbestos i.e. hazardous to health when the particles are freed

If this fear is realised then there will be real challenges for the demolition & recycling sectors

This project will investigate what these challenges are likely to be.


James Styles

What to do with composite cassette cladding?

Composite panels, such as those incorporating blown insulation and also other materials and services

These are a challenge to the demolition and recycling sector and will become more so in the future

This project will investigate what these challenges are likely to be

Is European wind the same as UK wind?




Matt Smith

The design of temporary works to support retained facades is significantly affected by the calculation of wind forces

The demolition sector interacts closely with retained facades, often being responsible themselves for the support structure as part of the demolition package

This project will investigate how the use of Eurocodes will affect the design and hence the installation of retained facade temporary works


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