To all Associate members who passed the examinations two years or more ago:

Please e-mail Valerie for an application form and portfolio template so that we may get you on the way to Full Membership. 

If you can get it back to the IDE office, either by post or electronically by 16 November it will be assessed by the Membership Committee at their meeting on 7 December and, if they are happy with it they will invite you to your Professional Interview early in the New Year.

To all Entrant members who would have great difficulty in sitting a written examination due to Special Needs, disability or a medical condition.

The Institute is particularly keen to see all members progress through the grades to Full Membership and beyond.  It is appreciated that some members, through dylexia, colour vision deficiency, physical disability or illness, would find it extremely difficult to sit the examinations without help. 


There is the provision to have extra time in the ‘standard’ examinations or to bring a scribe (not a demolition engineer!) to write the answer paper.

There is also a new scheme whereby special assistance can be given to sit the examinations.   There is intensive support – but not revelation of the answers! – by Fellows of the IDE who act as Tutors in a ratio of two candidates to one tutor..  As far as possible help is tailored to the needs of the individual candidate without prejudicing the high standards of the examinations.

Once candidates have passed the examinations they become Associate members and join the standard path to achieve Full Membership.

If you need this special help please don’t be diffident.  We want YOU to be a Full Member of the IDE as much as any other demolition engineer!  Let Valerie, the National Secretary, know and she will e-mail you the application form.   The cost is £475 but this reflects the cost of the special assistance and additional accommodation for the exams.

If you can get your form and payment into the IDE office by 19 November, it will be considered by the Membership Committee at their meeting on 7 December.  There are Shared Support Route Examination days booked in December, January and March.