John Cuddy MIDE from Cuddy Group has kindly organised a Regional Meeting in Swansea.

  • The meeting will be held on the Thursday 8th November 2012.
  • The venue will be the Liberty Stadium, Llandore, Swansea, SA1 2FA (
  • The meeting will start at 17:00 with refreshments.
  • After it closes at 19:00 all are invited to Pizzeria Vesuvio (some 200m from the stadium) for food, at your own expense, and more demolition discussion.  (An extra hour ‘core’ CPD making 3 hours in all for the meeting.)


  • Christian Jones AMIDE: “Notifiable non-licensed asbestos operations, a guide for demolition contractors”
  • John Cuddy MIDE: “Crushing operations on site, Permit obligations, training, equipment and good working practices.”

Note, could other crusher operators bring with them a copy of their Permit(s), the open discussion after will enable discussion on differing requirements from various Authorities.

If you would like to attend please let Sandra know by 29 October 2012