We would like to thank Council of Management member, Vernon Watson FIDE, for revising the Reading List for the examinations.

Reading List

All Entrants should make sure they are conversant with the legislation and regulations in preparation for the exams.

It has been agreed that this reading list will be available to candidates during the examinations to remind them of the correct titles of documents to which they will wish to refer.

Invitations to sit the September examinations should reach Entrants by the end of this week.  The booking form must be returned to the IDE office by 31 July.

Preparation Day at The Family Centre, Bordesley, Birmingham – 3rd September

Examinations at The Family Centre, Bordesley, Birmingham – 17th September.

If there are more candidates than can be accommodated at the Birmingham Centre, other centres will become available.

Candidates wishing to use a laptop will be accommodated at the NFDC HQ in Hemel Hempstead.