12 Associates have submitted successful portfolios, which were reviewed by the Membership Committee on 14 June.

  • Kenneth M Anderson, Anderson Building & Construction
  • Toby D Comley, Jeto Ltd
  • Mark Hudson, Van Vliet Demolition Ltd
  • Daniel Johnson, Ron Hull Demolition Ltd
  • Michael Kelly, Keltbray Demolition Ltd
  • Peter McLean, Sellafield Ltd
  • Jay J Mould, J Mould (Reading)
  • James J O’Sullivan, Keltbray Demolition Ltd
  • Colin R Prendergast, J Mould (Reading)
  • David S Rowe, Keltbray Demolition Ltd
  • Kevin Taylor, Windmill Demolition Company Ltd
  • Martin J Webb, Keltbray Demolition Ltd

We congratulate them and look forward to their succesful professional interviews, which will be the final stage towards attaining Full Membership of the Institute