On 14 June 2012 the Council of Management was pleased to admit and elect the following to the Entrant Grade.

  • David F Churchward, Walter Forshaw Ltd
  • Frank  Donohoe, McGee Group Ltd
  • Andrew J Forshaw, Walter Forshaw Ltd
  • Richard J Gilmour, Sellafield Ltd
  • Jerome  Greenbank, McFletch Ltd
  • Brian V Haughton, McGee Group Ltd
  • Dylan T Lovelock, Marks Demolition Contractors Ltd
  • John W Markham, Sellafield Ltd
  • Sean  McCann, Forth Demolition Ltd, Scotland
  • Stephen G D McCann Snr, Forth Demolition Ltd, Scotland
  • Michael O McGee, McGee Group Ltd
  • Mark  Nicholls, Apex Contracting (Peterborough) Ltd
  • Stefano  Panseri, DESPE SpA, Italy
  • Giuseppe  Panseri, DESPE SPA, Italy
  • Ian R Rodger, ACM Construction (UK) Ltd
  • George  Steele, Walter Forshaw Ltd
  • Andrew J Stevens-Cox, McGee Group Ltd
  • Nicholas M Taylor, Mc Gee Group Limited
  • Mike J Weaver, Weaver Demolition Ltd
  • Jeremy  Wolstencroft, Walter Forshaw Ltd

Their next goal is success in the Institute’s examinations and advancement to Associate grade

Chris McClellan, Remote Assest Mangement was elected and admitted as an Affiliate

Chelsea Gilpin, Sam Gilpin Demolition Ltd was elected and admitted as a Student