Eric Kelly is flying in for our seminar on 30 September to speak about the Implosion Business from a Different View Point
kellyeEric Kelly decided to follow his father into the demolition industry after helping him blast a chimney at the age of 14. As the Chief Blaster Eric now owns and runs Advanced Explosives Demolition “AED” with his wife Lisa Kelly which has become an internationally renowned explosives demolition company.

Based in Idaho USA, AED has carried out blow downs across the USA and Worldwide even breaking world records along the way. These projects include, the 2nd tallest structure “31 storeys” in USA ever to be brought down by explosives, the world’s largest building, the most structures at one time “20”, building separations, bridges and blow downs within live nuclear facilities.

Eric prides himself on providing a cost effective efficient service to the highest standard and has a client base and exemplary 27 year safety record to prove it.

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Presentations at the Seminar

  • Space Deck Roof Collapse – Richard Dolman
  • New Bribery and Corruption Law – RJW Solicitors – Craig McAdam
  • The Implosion Business from a Different View Point – Eric Kelly AED
  • Environmental Prosecutions – Prof. Stephen Willetts and Anna Willetts
  • Kokurek Beasts, The HDI and TDS High Reach Machines – Brian Carroll
  • Institute of Construction Management – Mark Rea and Tony Barker
  • Workings of the IExpE towards Professional Status – Ken Cross