Richard Comley, my representative at the NFDC Convention, has called me from Portugal to ask for clarity as to what CPD hours are required for IDE members and how they can be obtained so I have pleasure in confirming.

All IDE members need to achieve 20 CPD hours per calendar year and those 20 hours are split as follows:-

6 Core IDE hours
These hours can be obtained in the following ways:-

  • IDE Seminar (whole day)    6 hours  (2 Seminars per year)
  • IDE roadshow/workshop     4 hours
  • IDE Regional meeting         2 hours
  • IDE Exam Prep Day           4 hours
  • IDE Council meeting           2 hours
  • Enter the IDE Best Paper award  6 hours
  • Presentation at IDE Seminar       6 hours
  • Write an article for Demolition Engineer  2 hours

14 Non Core/Non IDE hours

These hours can be obtained in the following ways for example:-

  • NFDC Seminar/Demolition Day          6 hours
  • NFDC Convention business meeting   2 hours
  • NFDC Working Wednesday  2 hours
  • Annual Demolition Awareness refresher   4 hours
  • Annual Asbestos Awareness refresher    2 hours
  • Environmental awareness course (whole day)  6 hours
  • Researching waste management legislation
  • Demolition plant training (not the assessment)
  • Demolition training on recognised NDTG courses and other demolition related courses from other providers.
  • CDM training on registered courses.

CPD should be “Any educational activity that enhances an individual’s skills and knowledge within the science of demolition engineering” and as such other study may be included in the non IDE core hours. Examples are:-

  • Research into disposal of unusual wastes from a job that you are tendering for.
  • Researching alternative methods of demolition, such as hydro demolition.
  • Reseaching information about unusual hazards, such as  chemicals not normally encountered.
  • Communication and training skills training.

Full, clear and concise details of IDE CPD and how to record it is contained in the excellent leaflet on the IDE website and sent by post to all members by Valerie. Link to the leaflet

CPD is not difficult to do as attending one of the 2 excellent IDE seminars per year will give the member his IDE core hours in one day.

When you consider that the average demolition engineer works a 40 hour week for 50 weeks of the year he is at work for 2000 hours and he must, therefore, be willing to give 6 of those hours, 0.3%, to achieving his IDE core hours. The remiander of the 20 hours, the non core hours, he will easily achieve by recording what he does in a normal working week.

For example (1):-


Go to look at chemical plant demolition job. Plant produced acids. Research on internet into acid/alkili interaction.   2 hours


Attend breakfast meeting with WRAP    2 hours


Visit Kokurek to discuss adapting machine to take larger shear and discuss engineering implications   1 hour

Then attend NFDC Working Wednesday   2 hours


Do risk assessment for working alongside the main line railtrack into London      1 hour


Research on internet into NEC Contract clauses as you have never done work under that form before    1 hour

Then attend the IDE Seminar at OGGS   6 hours Core IDE

Total IDE Core Hours that week   6  (You only need 6 per year)

Total Other CPD hours that week would be 9 hours, and you only need to achieve 14 all year!

Example 2.

Write and present a presentation at the IDE Seminar.

Writing the presentation and doing the research: as  many ‘other’ CPD hours as needed

Presenting at the seminar      6 hours Core IDE CPD

CPD is not difficult to do. It is just a case of getting used to recording what you are doing.   Best policy is to either use the form in the Members Area of the website or send an e-mail with date(s), hours and brief description to [email protected]