Those who are admitted to membership of the Institute pay an annual subscription which is set to give positive encouragement to graduation from Enrolled (basic grade) to Full Membership and professional Demolition Engineer status.  

All subscriptions are due on the 1st May in each year and, according to the Rules of the Institute, must be paid by 31st of May in that year.

Important: If a subscription is not paid by 1 November the defaulting member will be excluded from the Institute and, should they wish to rejoin, they will have to go through the application process again.   We regret to say that re-admission to the Institute, if granted, will be in the Enrolled grade.   If there are extenuating circumstances why your subscription cannot be paid please contact the National Secretary as soon as possible. 


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Information about making payment by cheque or BACS /Internet banking was included on the invoice requesting the subscription. These methods do not incur the 5% card charge.